We offer you a professional office, with an expert team, to provide you with solutions for all your needs

Financial Advice

Thanks to the agreements signed with the most relevant financial entities, we make a thorough study of your enterprise´s financial situation, optimizing the costs.

We help you wit you business plan as well as finding the financial structure that suits your needs best

Non Residents

We conduct a complete counseling to all those non residents who want to establish an economic activity in Spain, either with or without a permanent establishment. Some examples would be:

  • Non Residents Income Tax (real state´s possession and rent statements in Spain, incomes from the dweling´s sale, etc.)
  • Assistance to real state´s purchase (from the thorough study of the real state´s situation, to the Notary Public signature, as well as complete assistance after the sale, including deed management, taxes payment by direct debit, mail service for notifications un Spain, tax representation, etc.)
  • Documents´ translation and apostille
  • Enterprises incorporation
  • NIE management
  • CIF management

Real Estate´s advising and management

  • We conduct a thorough analysis to ensure proper management in any real estate´s transaction
  • We attend the sale from the baseline to the Notary Public signature.
  • We provide customers with technical and legal experts to analyse the situation of the property to be acquired.
  • We help to find the appropriate property.
  • We advise to optimize costs in real state´s acquisition

International Taxes

  • Advising for Spanish investment abroad and foreign investment in Spain.
  • Advising about Value Added Tax in international trade operations.
  • Creation of branches and subsidiaries
  • Impatriates and expatriates taxation

Enterprise Incorporation and Business Development

  • Our team of specialists allows us to assist in the creation of new businesses, providing the client tools to worry just about their business.
  • We perform tests on new business development and their profitability

Support for the internationalisation

  • We provide services to help companies who want to make the leap abroad, advising them to discover new markets and revealing the obstacles they may face, as well as solutions to take in each case.

Bussiness Connect

It is one of our latest and innovative bets. Our services are aimed at bringing together companies engaged in the same activity, so they can exploit synergies and reduce costs.

Generally, the companies who are contacted, they are located in different countries, so the agreements reached can be different, being possible from the relocation of either all or part of the production to minimize costs, to the creation of common purchase plants for suppliers with more competitive prices.


We can not forget our farmers, who we have been advising more than 40 years, offering the following services among others:

  • Advice on taxating, labor and accounting aspects.
  • Study and management of grants, incorporation of young farmers and improvement plans.
  • Priority farms: advice on tax benefits, application and updating the catalog of priority farm.
  • Agricultural engineering services
  • Preparation of leases and registration in the Public Registry.
  • Management and update process of Vine-Producing Registry, cultivation change, cession of rights, etc.

Document Management

  • Preparation and management in Notarial deeds.
  • Making contracts and settlement, if any, facing the Liquidating Offices.
  • Processing of documents to the Real Estate Cadastre.
  • Settlement of Municipal Capital Gains.
  • Processing and management of all types of taxes (local, regional and state).
  • Advising and processing regarding change of name and vehicle registration (collaboration with Administrative Management).
  • Enrollment and disenrollment in the Register of Agricultural Machinery (ROMA).


  • Management of Inheritance Tax
  • Advising and planning on inheritances and gifts
  • Preparation and assistance for acceptance of inheritances, either with public or private document.
  • Certificate of last wills request.
  • Succession planning of family inheritance.
  • Advising on wills
  • Advising on tax credits and formal obligations on inheritance and gifts for residents and non residents.

Accounting and Tax Advice, Labor law Services

Labor Law Services

Like other areas in which our firm provides services, the workplace needs good and updated advice to meet current regulations  the right way. Among our services, you will find:

  • Management of payslip and social insurances.
  • Management of enrollment, disenrollment and variations in Social Security condition.
  • Registration of companies in the Social Security and subsequent amendments (management changes, new codes of contribution accounts, enrollment and disenrollment in the agricultural census, etc.).
  • Enrollments and changes in contribution bases for self-employed.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Advising in implementation of regulations on the prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Quaterly statements of Personal Income Tax (form 111) and Annual Statement (form 190). Withholding certificates and data communication to the payer.
  • Representation facing labor inspections.
  • Disciplinary records and preparation of dismissal letters.
  • Other procedures: Request for working life, be aware certificates, debt collection and payment deferrals procedures, etc.

Accounting Advice

By adapting to the accounting rules that binding principles require, we carry out the mechanisation of accounting based on the formal obligation required for each type of entity, allowing us to guarantee that the company accurately reflects its situation, being helpful in decision making.

Therefore, we provide, in addition to the mandatory accounting documents, an analysis of the company´s financial statements, in order to maximize your business performance and achieve an optimal payment of taxes.

Tax Advice

Each entity needs expert advice, but with a common goal: fulfill their tax obligations in the most optimal way. To that purpose, our professionals work every day in an updated training. We offer, among others, the following specialized services:

  • Business creation: Previous advising on the most appropriate legal form for constitution.
  • Making declarations and self-assessments: Preparation and electronic filling of all statements the taxpayer is required to submit, according to the Tax Agency.
  • Planning for decision-making: Regular information for decision-making, along with pre-fiscal year-end meetings, make counseling an essential work for the employer to obtain the maximum tax savings on their tax returns on Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax.
  • Representations facing the Tax Agency: Any problems related to Public Administration will be attended by one of our professionals.

Compliance with comercial obligations

  • Advising on enterprises incorporation.
  • Preparation of commercial contracts
  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts
  • Management and registration of deeds in the Commercial Registry